Through our own grief after a loved-one’s suicide emerged questions to which we needed to find answers.

“Why would he choose to leave us?”

At first it was emotionally based. As time passed …we heard more stories. Our questions became more research based.

“What causes people to believe their lives need to end?”

So our journey began. What we know is there is no one answer. There is no one size fits all solution. Many factors play a role, some we know of such as external factors and some we are just now learning about which could be genetic links to depression and of course many factors in between.

It is worthwhile to explore each factor that may contribute to suicide decision. Biochemical, genetic, depression, head injury, and other trauma are all areas being explored. We know if faulty messages are sent to the brain or misread within the brain, then subsequent decisions can be based on distorted information. Research on brain injury and trauma, new therapies for depression, and other emerging treatments could all shed some light on what may help. We are determined to participate in finding and bringing cures, remedies and treatments to the forefront that may save lives